Vanilla & Pepper is an italian artisanal ice cream franchising brand. Our innovative idea is to serve a Always fresh gelato using traditional icecream product but mantected in a soft ice cream machine. The result is something never tryed incredible fresh and creamy, just made.

We add to the ice cream menu a selection of italian tosted coffees and usisng a slow juicer “Whole juice” we can serve fantastic fruit juices.


Set in the heart of the city, Vanilla & Pepper is a casual, one of a kind bistro offering a variety of comforting and original English inspired dishes. At Vanilla & Pepper, one can expect to be enthusiastically received by the cafe’s young and dynamic team.


At the head of the team are the cafe’s four owners: Victor Becker, Sébastien Carter, Nick Durrell and John Elford. The group shares a true love for the flavourful cooking the Iberian peninsula is known for.


The culinary experience at Vanilla & Pepper Cafe is enhanced by a courteous service and an appealing decor. The menu’s specialties, as combined with a pleasant atmosphere, are sure to satisfy your longing for delectable coffee & Gelato enjoyed in the good company of friends.